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Out of control shark dragger

Out of control shark dragger

So…. it’s time for a rant! Like many of my friends here and abroad I love to be doing something in nature whether it’s hiking, camping, paddling, or (usually) fishing. So, like many, I use Facebook to keep up to date with all the cool equipment, gadgets, news, and info on all these activities. This FB pages generally make up 2/3rds of my daily feed. So one could only guess what my feed looks like this week.  Practically every post this week has been about ‘Michael’, ‘Alex’, ‘Bo’, and the rest of the bunch. If by chance you are reading this but have no clue so far what I’m refering to consider yourself lucky. For those that are now intrigued just Google ‘Shark Dragger’ but let me warn you ahead of time at what you find may not sit well!

Like many here in FL, I find peace and solace when on, in, or near the water. If time and finances permitted I’d be there all the time. It’s my reasoning for fishing. One of our favorite spots is the Venice Jetty. It’s a great location offering fishing spots and easy access to the beaches. Plus it’s where I was married. On occasion while fishing there I’ve witnessed newbies and regulars alike hook into that prized trophy, banging it up the rocks, hoisting it up on the sidewalk to take five minutes of pictures, and then tossing it back over the rocks while sometimes wondering if they even knew those rocks extend well beyond the water’s edge. This isn’t how I learned to do it but to each their own I guess.  Just recently while at the North Jetty beach we sat near the head from one of these trophy fish that was so big it looked like it could have eaten a volleyball. I can only imagine it may have died due to the lack of respect for it’s life.

Now, we get to this week, and the reason for this rant. It infuriates me to watch these videos and see all these pictures of these boys who appear to have been allowed to run amuck for a long time. They appear to believe it’s ok to live outside the realm of law, order, or respect. The shark dragger seems to be the worst and psychopath instantly comes to mind! Yes, there are those that are already saying (while few) that what these boys did was cruel they may have not committed a crime.  I guess everyone is entitled to form their own opinions but here’s my take. Everyone knows how old I am and where I grew up but for those who are young, not from the midwest, or just never watched long drawn out national news Google ‘Jeffrey Dahmer’.  Sure, this might be a stretch seeing as these boys have been caught early enough but if memory serves (having no choice but to listen to trial coverage at work) I believe Jeffrey started his psychopathic career with roadkill and progressed from there.  The warning signs are all there so I think society owes it to itself to take a stand with these boys now before it’s too late.  Just imagine if these videos never went viral, any one of these boys progresses with these tendencies, and an innocent person loses a life. Sure these boys could turn out to be outstanding citizens someday but I think they’ve done enough to where it’s not worth taking a chance.  Let’s hope FWC takes a stand, makes a statement of all those involved, and hopefully allow these boys to look back on their lives and right what they’ve wronged.

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