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Florida Keys Vacation – Day 4

Florida Keys Vacation – Day 4

  Saturday, June 13th – today started with a early morning rainstorm. Once we got going it was back downstairs for another hotel breakfast. With all the varying weather reports we were torn at what to do. Originally it was an 80 percent chance of rain, then it was 20 percent chance. We decided to just explore the day and if it rained we’d deal with it then. 

  Our first stop of the day was Sombrero Beach which was right down the street from Marathon High School. It had plenty of sand beach but also plenty of limestone rock formations which held all sorts of living things from shellfish to coral and even some small fish.  Intense lightning just off shore pushed us back to the car and off exploring once again.  

 Our second stop was a small EAA air museum.  Plenty of pictures and models to view and a couple of planes to touch and enter made it a interesting stop. And we could not complain about the free entrance fee. 

With more clouds rolling in we decided to start looking for some tourist traps to souvenir shop. This lead us all the way back to Robbie’s on Islamorada (see day 1). Having been on a budget the whole trip meant not spending much on souvenirs so little was purchased but it was fun window shopping. We also hit another store with T-shirts while on our way back to the hotel. Lunch was served up fresh from Publix (sandwiches) and then we all took a nap. 

After nap time we strolled around the hotel grounds chasing down the Iguanas. The rest of the day was spent across the road fishing. Turns out that just the other side of the restaurant was an abandoned lot and boat ramp so no worries about getting kicked off.  

 Some of the little kids that were fishing as well caught little yellow tail snapper but we had little luck. It was fun watching all the Parrot fish, lobster, and other fish you’d normally see in an aquarium swimming around. 

For dinner, Amy and I went across the street to the Island fish company and had a late anniversary dinner. Dinner on the water was great. We had the crab cake appetizer , Mahi sandwich and Mahi Tacos. We also tried the Mai Tai and Rum Punch. Another excellent meal to finish off our last night out.  


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