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Florida Keys Vacation – Day 1

Florida Keys Vacation – Day 1

Wednesday, June 10th – Day one of vacation started out very undecided and slow. With all the different things trying to derail the trip we started the day thinking we were going to cancel because of Dakota.  

 Our senior family member is not doing well and had had a bad night overnight. After talking with the vet and assuring our dog sitter (Devons girlfriend Jamie) wanted to still stay with him, we decided to go. So off we went on our 5.5 hour drive four hours late. 

Our first vacation stop was Robbie’s on Islamorada where we did some tourist window shopping and then fed the Tarpon.  

 These fish were HUGE. Some of them were rod snappers for sure. It was quite the experience to say the least and the boys cannot stop talking about it. 

After a long drive we made it to the Holiday Inn express on Marathon Key.  First order of business was FOOD. We ventured further south on the key to a little spot called the Nowhere Bar & Grill. Guess you could actually say we were nowhere! (Haha). It was Wednesday night slider night so we ordered up some Mahi, buffalo chicken,  and picadillo sliders with cheese fries and some smoked fish dip. It was outstanding!  Mahi sliders were cooked to perfection. I gave it a four star rating on Yelp! partially because I’m not huge on handing out five as I’d be setting the bar for every place else we go. Topped off dinner with an Islamorada IPA draft. 

After dinner we headed back to the hotel where we decided to do a little exploring. Of course the boys needed to be knee deep.  

Of the many swimming and crawling creatures found, they saw a few nurse sharks, 

  Angel fish, a few Sgt. Majors, Sea , Anemones, Parrot fish, a small Barracuda, a Spiney Lobster and some crabs.  

 All in all it capped off to be a great first day topped with a report that Dakota was doing well without us. 

A little nightcap of Key West Southernmost Wheat finished the evening.  Pool was closed at ten so we all turned in for a good nights rest before our long day to Key West. 


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