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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Having the last several days off, I have had plenty of time to reflect on 2013. For the most part it was a pretty good year. We continued to make progress digging out of our generations recession. We seen Devon get accepted to the University of South Florida and FSU, graduate high school, and ultimately start attending USF where he is doing well working towards a degree in Marine science. Dylan got back into the team sports arena with a spring season of flag football. He also became my workout and fishing buddy for the year. Amy began a new job at Fins at Sharky’s in Venice which is going well. We visited with all our parents during their visits in June for Devon’s graduation. During the same time, we were introduced to my brother Joel and Stephanie’s little one, Zachary Aiden and we visited with our neice/cousin, Jerrica. We were fortunate to attend a most beautiful wedding in October at Myakka River State Park thanks to Amy Little. The year also included many visits to SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa. Visits with good friends was also a highlight of the year! So many great moments this year!
My photography hobby took a hit this year with the loss of our camera (broke) so no great photo posts. Hopefully 2014 will afford us the ability to purchase a new and better one. Our hikes and excursions aren’t nearly as fun without it.
2014 looks to be promising! Cannot wait for a potential reunion with an old friend in late January ( Brenda). Dylan intends on running for Woodland Middle School’s Track team. He will start NPHS in fall and intends on becoming a North Port High School – Bobcat Football player. I look forward to another year volunteering for the team, running the website ( and social media communications. Believe it or not, my 25th Bay View HS reunion is this year so a trip to WI may be in order in early October.

As for resolutions… Living life to the healthiest and fullest as possible is what I intend to do.

As for all of you… May your New year be A new year that brings luck and prosperity, A New Year that brings happiness and joy! Happy New Year to all!

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