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Amy Celeste
Amy Celeste

Wife, loving Mother of two, Owner of Simply Celeste, and all a guy could ask for…

The Krew
The Krew

Rulers of our kingdom |
Saren, Wyatt, and Mallory |
Hole Diggers and Chaos Coordinators

Dylan Alexander
Dylan Alexander

Engaged to be married to Kenzie, Fins Bartender, Muscle Car / Bourbon / Firearms enthusiast, and daddy to Wyatt, Maui, and Hazel

Devon Austin
Devon Austin

Varsity Football Coach and Biology Teacher at Pinellas Park HS, Craft Beer aficionado, sometimes found knee deep in the water somewhere…

Pete Gales
Pete Gales

Owner / Operator @ Pete’s Bar and Grill

Out of control shark dragger

So.... it's time for a rant! Like many of my friends here and abroad I love to be doing something in nature whether it's hiking,...
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Florida Keys Vacation – Day 5

   Sunday, June 14th - They day started like all the rest; Hotel Breakfast. Only this time no pool session afterwards. It was time to...
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Florida Keys Vacation – Day 4

  Saturday, June 13th - today started with a early morning rainstorm. Once we got going it was back downstairs for another hotel breakfast. With all...
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Florida Keys Vacation – Day 3

Friday, June 12th - Today started with another hotel breakfast and a morning swim in the pool.  A quick check revealed that we would not...
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Florida Keys Vacation – Day 2

  Thursday, June 11th - The day started out with a hotel breakfast ands walk along the water looking for more wildlife. Tide was in and...
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Florida Keys Vacation – Day 1

Wednesday, June 10th - Day one of vacation started out very undecided and slow. With all the different things trying to derail the trip we...
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